Rules and Connector is not sending ot email;

Hi Team

I have setup rule under rules and connectors. I am trying to send out an email to my gmail. But its not working. But if i use watcher to send out an email. I am receiving emails.

any idea what can be the issue

Did you set up an email connector? Alerts and rules do not use the email config you set up for watcher... They are completely separate capabilities.

yes email connector is setup.I did try running connector independently as well. It show test ran successfully. But I am not receiving any email.

any idea wht could be the issue

So did you test the connector when you created it... it will tell you whether it is successful or not

Where is says successful i got the appropriate errors until I corrected the config

Did you do all this?

If it is still not working then I would look at your rule and make sure it correctly configure.

yes i did all this and I am getting the same result but i dont see any email

Perhaps your email system is rejecting / blocking... I don't have a simple answer... and silly ... you checked your spam folder right?

yes i did check spam folder

Are you sure the alert is firing? you could add and Index Action to see if it is actually firing the and activating the action.

The alert is active so it should fire email

In logs i see alerts are being sent to my email but i am not receiving those. When I try my personal gmail its working fine.

perhaps your work email is rejecting...

Sometimes corporate email rejects if from is not from valid/ recognize from

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