How to create email alerts in kibana

how can i create email alert for logs in elasticsearch and how can i create connectors in kibana UI

Hi @kibana_dev_iko,

Do you have a license, or are you using a free on-prem install?

If you have a licence, you can create alerts in the Stack Management > Rules using an Elasticsearch query and then use the Email connector. Email connectors do look to be platinum and above looking at the subscription matrix.

Otherwise, if you don't have a license, we did have a similar question on Slack recently where we discussed an approach in this blog using Logstash and HTTP and mail plugins. It's more work to set up, but an option if you don't have the required license for the action.

Let us know how you get on.

hi @carly.richmond ,yes i have a platinium licence but when i configure email connector i cant receive emails can you give me a guide to configure it thank you

Hi @kibana_dev_iko,

The steps for setting up the connector are available here in the documentation. Do you get a success or failure when you test the connector configuration? Are there any errors in the Elastic log at all?

where i can found this page to test connector in kibana UI
when i create an email connector thats what i have juste save there is no test button

it shows me this error when i test it
@carly.richmond can u help me

Hi @kibana_dev_iko,

Thanks for sharing the error. It looks like you are getting a timeout. Have you double checked your configuration? Which email service are you trying to connect to (gmail, Microsoft Exchange etc.)?

im using gmail

Ok, it might be due to your gmail configuration. Have you checked the section on gmail integration and the references to the less secure and app password configurations to see if those changes are required?

hello @carly.richmond
i follow the configuration in this article using app password Google app password for Kibana email connector | by Avarjana Panditha | Medium
what do you think ? i made just configuration in kibana UI, should i add any more configuration in kibana yaml files?
thank you

Thanks for confirming @kibana_dev_iko. It looks like that Medium article covers setting up an app password for gmail. Are you still getting the gateway timeout issue?

Is there any errors or warnings in the Kibana logs at all?

yeah i still have the same problem
i work on a production elk

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