How to create email connector in Kibana to alert a log?

Dear all,
I need create email connector to send email when a log has message match with keyword. Alert worked well, but I don't know how to setting email connector when following the guide:

Preconfigured connector typeedit
   name: preconfigured-email-connector-type
   actionTypeId: .email
     host: validhostname
     port: 8080
     secure: false
     user: testuser
     password: passwordkeystorevalue

Where can I insert the config (maybe kibana.yml?)
Does everybody have a more detail guide to create email connector for gmail?
Thank you!

That format is for preconfigured connectors that you can add in kibana.yml, but you can just create one directly from the Alerting UI. It lets you input all the details there.

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Thanks for your help. I try create one directly from Web UI but I don't see where to put my password email.

Please help me!

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