Watcher Automated Email Reports

Version 7.17:

I'm trying to set up a Watcher to send report emails following this guide:

I set up the email account in the elasticsearch.yml with a pretty basic setup since our SMTP server does not require authentication. Something like this:

I'm running into this error:

1.) When I use the guide I'm getting a fail to parse for the reporting_attachment during the simulation. Per the JSON I'm setting up, it doesn't seem like this reporting_attachment is a valid setting. I can see the reporting section, but looks like a bug on the back end to me.

Is this a known issue or is there a work around?

Hi @lmoore2210 — can you share the actual Elasticsearch DSL you're sending to the _watcher/watch address?

So I need to clarify something, after posting this I was able to successfully send an email when the watcher fired. The issue is with simulating the watcher firing. So it's looking like a bug within the simulation not the actual watcher.

Ah, okay then. Are you referring to the _watcher/watch/<watch_id>/_execute endpoint (docs)?

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