Email reporting Attachment

Hi everyone!!!

I'm working with elasticCloud and I have been created alerts but in the documentation appears that I can attach a report from Kibana, but in the email action not appears the option, is normal?

I can modify the json operation but for default not appears this option in the email interface...

Thanks for all!!!

I think this is part of the watcher

Thanks @ylasri!!

I'm a bit confused between the watcher and alerts, because I think that I can make a very similar actions with all of them.

Alerting is the new framework that will replace watcher in the feature as per my understanding
But for the moment i'm not sure if it support email attachement, i checked here but nothing related to attachement

Hi @Kirtash - The attachments part is still being discussed for the actions in the Alerting and Actions framework. You can check this opened Github issue and subscribe it for further updates.

For the time being, you would need to use Watcher if you wish to send attachments.

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