Embed Kibana Dashboard in Asp.Net Core Web Application


Can you please help me to give an idea/sample code on embedding the kibana dashboard into my web application? what are the steps I have to follow?

Fyi, I have enabled Elasticsearch cluster setup and configured it in the Kibana system. I did basic authentication security for Elasticsearch.

Hi @Thirumavalavan ,

Have you checked this docs: Reporting and sharing | Kibana Guide [8.0] | Elastic and Authentication in Kibana | Kibana Guide [8.0] | Elastic?


Thanks for the details. Yes, I have checked and got the embed URL. but that URL is not loaded in the application. it's showing "/internal/security/login" unauthorized error.

And I have done the basic authentication. want to auto-login kibana dashboard which embedded in Iframe

Can you share a HAR file and check Kibana verbose logs (logging.verbose: true) to see if there is anything suspicious?

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