Empty monitoring menu


For some reason Kibana doesn't show anything in monitoring menu:
"We couldn't activate monitoring
No monitoring data found. Try setting the time filter to "Last 1 hour" or check if data is available for a different time period.

If data is in your cluster, your monitoring dashboards will show up here."
Logs menu is empty as well:
"Looks like you don't have any logging indices.
Let's add some!"

But logs are inside ant discover, visualize and dashboards menu work just fine.

Reading different post i checked that xpack is on,
GET /_cluster/settings
"persistent" : {
"xpack" : {
"monitoring" : {
"collection" : {
"enabled" : "true"
"transient" : { }

I have even installed metricbeat on logstash and chanched two options:
xpack.monitoring.enabled: true
xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch: "http://elasticsearch:9200"

and nothing, any ideads?