Kibana menus not working (showing blank screen)

Hi all,

I have set up a 3 node cluster with ES, Kibana and X-Pack (version 5.4.0) which is retrieving Winlogbeats (5.6.4) data from a few servers.

I am experiencing an issue where only the "monitoring" menu in Kibana is working, while the "Discover", "visualise", "Dashboard", "Timelion", "Dev Tools" and "Management" menus are showing up as blank pages. I have no idea why this is occurring and I am wondering if someone could assist me fix this issue please? I am very new with ES and Kibana, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Please see screenshot below:

I initially was able to get access to these menus when I was running a single node with X-pack installed, however this was many months ago and have had many different projects between then and now. Needless to say, things started to go wrong when I began building up the cluster.

I am happy to provide as much information/logs to you if it would help you assist me with this issue, but at the moment, I am not entirely sure what information you will need to help.

Out of curiosity, is there any way to "reset" all the settings in Kibana?

Please help. Many thanks!


Hi BMV, thank you for posting your question. Could you open up your browser's dev tools and share any errors you see there? And do you see any errors in the Elasticsearch logs?


Hi cjcenizal,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I had a look at my browser's dev tool as per your request . Please see the screenshot below:


I opened the link in the error message and also took a screenshot of the error I saw:

Have you seen this issue previously?

It is probably worth pointing out that I get the same error regardless of which node I try it on.

In regards to the Elasticsearch logs, I wasn't able to pin point a specific entry that would explain why I would be seeing this error, however it must be said that there are several log files and they are quite large. I will continue to investigate why this is occurring on my side.

Hopefully you are able to provide further guidance with this issue. I thank you for your help thus far.

Kind regards


UPDATE: I was able to fix this initial problem by specifying the port number (9200) after the IP address in the kibana.yml file. Unfortunately that only gave me a different error, please see image below:

If anyone could shed some light on resolving this, I would appreciate it.

Many thanks


Kibana seems to call port 9300 instead of 9200, which is incorrect. Go through the Kibana configuration and ensure port 9300 is not used anywhere.

Hi Christian,

I went through the Kibana yml configuration file on all of my nodes in the cluster and was not able to see port 9300 used anywhere. In fact, I specifically use port 9200 for example in elasticsearch.url: "" and xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.url: "".

Do you have any further ideas which could cause this error to occur? Just an FYI, this error only occurs when I attempt to use "Discover" or "Timelion" menus. All other menus such as "monitoring" and "management" work fine.

Please see below:

I appreciate your further assistance. Many thanks


Update: Hi all,

I was able to solve all of the issues I was experiencing. For the last problem, I had to delete .kibana which cleared up the error.

Many thanks to those that responded. Your help was really appreciated.


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