Emulate region map max(field) in Maps

Hello, I want to emulate the region map on a min field value, not the document count, but I can not get it with the New Maps layout because is grouping by document count.

How can I get this old functionality? I just want to colour the map based on the min value of a country term aggregation.


I solved it this way:

  1. Recovered Region maps setting xpack.maps.showMapVisualizationTypes to true in kibana.yml

  2. Created the Region map as I want

  3. Press the "View in maps" button that appeared. Then will convert your region map into Map view

xpack.maps.showMapVisualizationTypes is deprecated and will be removed in 8.0.0 along with region map and coordinate map visualizations.

You can create region maps in Maps application by

  1. clicking "Add layer"
  2. Selecting "Choropleth"
  3. Configuring join and clicking "Add layer"
  4. Then, under "Term joins", click "and use metric" to add additional metrics such as min field.

Hope this helps.

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