Region Map vs Maps in Kibana

Hello Team,

We were using V7.4.1 in our development environment to implement the solution, In 7.4.x1 kibana had Region Map as a one type of visualization.

Currently we upgraded ELK7.4.1 to ELK7.6.2 , In the latest version there is no Region Map Visualization but when i imported saved objects from 7.4.1 to 7.6.2 all the dashboards and visualizations are imported without any issues. I wonder without Region Map as a type of visualization in latest version how it is still imported without any issues

Is It a expected behaviour , do we face any issues in future ? Please clarify.


Hi @RamyaGowda,

you are not facing any issues, Region Map and Coordinate Map are working fine. They are just hidden from the "new visualization" modal in the most recent version when running basic license or above - the functionality is still there.

It is recommended to use the new Maps app for newly created visualizations because it offers much more features, but if you really want to use Region/Coordinate map instead you can bring them back into the modal by setting xpack.maps.showMapVisualizationTypes: true in the kibana.yml file.

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