Kibana Custom region map

Hi all

I would like to use Kibana's Region Maps for a unique usage and i wonder if it's possible or anyone already tried it and can direct me...

I'm working for a hardware company, i would like to use Kibana region map feature to view "data layers" of the design, think about the full chip is a BIG "box" then when zooming in, you see layer #1 (serveral rectangles as example) and when you zoom more you get more and more details, colors and information.

the "map" is custom and my questions are, how it can be done? what needs to generate to draw a custom map? how to feed Kibana to "draw"/"locate" something in a custom map?

any help or response is appreciated

Hi Ahmad,

Elasticsearch supports geospatial fields, both for points and more complex shapes, take a look at the documentation to understand the differences.

Now, for rendering maps not related with real coordinates (latitude and longitudes) you may need to force a little bit the platform, first to load a basemap that conforms your customb background, and then your data on top of it. This blog post goes through the process of doing that with the coordinate map. Still, the coordinate map only allows you to have a single source of data.

On the other hand you may want to try the new Maps Application, that allows you layer several data sources, you may even have your background as a data layer (if it's a simple drawing) instead of having to configure a regular basemap as described in the blog post linked. If you want to learn about the Maps Application check this release announcement and find at the end several resources, webinar, and documentation.

Hope it helps!!

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