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is it possible to visualize not only countries but also voivodeship (or regions) on this type of map?
For instance Germany; on this type of map we see borders between Lands - some way to visualize events in Bavaria for instance?

Hi there, take a look at our blog post on region maps. This post explains that you can add your own data layers, as long as you have the files containing the data you need. If you have a data layer containing voivodeship (e.g. from Natural Earth you can host it on a server and add it as a layer to your map.

I hope this helps,

Sorry but it explains nothing. Just a sentence that "You can have Kibana use your own GeoJSON layers as well". Great, but how to do that?
I have to program it in the cobol or there are some ready to use layers?
And I understand that by default Region Map supports only countries?

Here's another blog post which provides more detail on how to set up custom region maps: As I mentioned, there are data layers available from resources such as Natural Earth, but I don't know if they provide the data you're looking for (unfortunately this part isn't something we can help you with). Yes, the default Region Map contains counties as well as some administrative districts which vary from country to country.

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