Hi team!

I've a consulting about the range on region map.

I want to get a range from 0 to 100 for a KPI, but I can't set that range. Kibana set the default range and I don't know change it.

I attach image:

I hope an answer soon :slight_smile:

In the region map visualization, the color ramp range is dynamically determined from the results of a terms aggregation. There is no way to provide a theoretical min or max range.

The region map visualization and tile map visualization will not receive any enhancements. Development of new mapping features has transitioned to Elastic Maps.

You can create a choropleth map similar to region map visualization in Elastic Maps.

Custom color ramps and ranges is a feature that we would like to add to Elastic Maps. You can track the enhancement with this issue Please add some feedback describing your use case. That will help when implementing the feature.

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