Map Point to Point Custom Color Ramp Lower Limit


I'm trying to customize a color ramp for my point to point visualization, but can't seem to be able to set the lower limit. The values range from 0 to 2, and are the result of an Average calculation. I want to set 0-0.25-0.5, but I get an error for 0.25 and I can't set the first box to 0:



What version of the kibana are you using?

The first input is disabled because its any value below the second input. So you should be able to have the first input empty, the second input be 0.25 and the third input be 0.5. From your screen shot, this appears to not be working. I was able to create a custom color ramp with these values in main code branch.

There is an open issue for supporting negative values [maps] can not create custom color ramp where first stop is zero or less then zero · Issue #105080 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Looks like v7.14, I'll reach out to our admin to see if it can be updated.

It appears that the error stops at 0.26 (but all values between 0 and 0.26 don't work), so in the meantime I'll use that value instead and hope that an upgrade resolves it.


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