Enabling Document Level Security from Kibana Management Console


(Nikhil) #1

I have a demo index which contains State as keyword, the data obviously contains multiple records for the same State.
I have users with names that are actual State names in the data.
eg State: Alabama and user full name : Alabama
State: Florida and user full name : Florida

Q: How to write the Granted Documents Query from Kibana Role Creation menu, where I can just filter the document which contains the State : user full name?

I have tried this:
{"term": {"ResidingState.keyword":"{_user.full_name}"}}

but the visualization is not showing up, " No results displayed because all values equal 0." is the message shown up in the visualization.

Any help is much appreciated.

(Ioannis Kakavas) #2


Have you read through our documentation? I'm sure you will find the DLS section very helpful. You can do this with a templated query, like:

PUT _xpack/security/role/test_dls
  "indices" : [
      "names" : [ "your_index_name_here" ],
      "privileges" : [ "read" ],
      "query" : {
        "template" : {
          "source" : {
            "term" : { "ResidingState" : "{{_user.full_name}}" }

(Nikhil) #3

It worked... Thanks Ioannis

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