Encryption in Elasticsearch

Just wanted to get some idea from the folks here regarding Elasticsearch data encryption.
So, I am aware about 2 ways we can get our data encrypt in Elasticsearch:-

  1. Using some encyption/tokenization on data before ingesting data in Elasticsearch
  2. Use some OS level encryption TDE (Transparent Data Encryption).

Would like to know, Is there any other type of in-built encryption which Elasticsearch provides?
Today, What is that, the big companies rely on, to get their data protected inside Elasticsearch?

Thanks in advance!

No, AFAIK there is no index level encryption.
It's not related to Elastic, there is other issues below like Lucene. Check here especially LUCENE-6966, read about performances.

Disclaimer: I'm not Elastic employee so consider this as info, not the official response.

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