Endpoint inconsistency in different regions of Elastic Cloud

In Elastic Cloud a custom endpoint alias is recently added which is good and it helps in some automations BUT I see an inconsistency in different regions when I get the endpoints which makes the automation unnecessarily more difficult.
I'm not sure if it's on purpose but in AWS us-east-1 region, kibana endpoints end with:
for example:

But in other regions it ends with:

I really don't understand the logic behind it. Is it something specific to my deployments? anyone else noticing it?


Hi @Mkian

We are iterating towards the below notation / naming, I just don't think we have made it through all the regions yet. The references you still see with found is the original company we joined forces with to operate Elastic Cloud. Apologies, I do not have an exact time table for all the naming to be consistent.


Thanks, good to know what I should use as default value of the new variable I have in code :slight_smile:
apparently it's elastic-cloud.com

also fyi @stephenb , i just found a new format:

Keep Looking you might find more :wink:

Although I think that is it for AWS combos

I think most gcp follow this pattern at this time.

Edit : Nope just noticed a few of the new GCP regions also have the new

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