Endpoint monitoring Report


We are monitoring status of network endpoints via HTTP/S, TCP, and ICMP through Heartbeat and Uptime in Kibana.
To leveage the functionality and promote ELK, our team needs to submit some kind of report to management as what metrics we have kept as part of outage detection.

I was able to get below info, and would like to see anything more we can from ELK and any plugins/3rd party would help.

(1) Total endpoint monitored and how many of them up and down
(2) HTTP dashbaord - HTTP Status vis gives pecentage of endpoints that was monitored and outage info

Needed info
(1) How many endpoints went down during a specific time and during what time as a report (this would help in reconciling with scheduled maintenance vs real outages)
(2) any KPI for the endpoint monitoring


Most, if not all, of this data, is available in Elasticsearch for you to build your dashboards using Kibana. You can start by harvesting the data using the Discovery tool and applying some filters to see if the data suits your needs. Then you can leverage the many visualizations available to build these reports.


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