Monitor Internal Servers up/down

Hello all,
I am new to elastic. What is the ideal way to setup server monitoring to know when a server is down?

Hi @Ej_Eric_H,

I can see several ways to achieve this:

For one, there's the uptime app in Kibana, which uses heartbeat or the elastic agent to monitor hosts via ICMP ping, DNS queries, TCP connections or HTTP(S) connections, among others.

Alternatively, if you want to monitor your server's metrics anyway, you could use the metrics app, which uses metricbeat or the elastic agent to fetch metrics of servers and services.

You should be able to use either to set up alerts that fire when a host is not reachable or doesn't submit metrics anymore. The former is tailored to the specific uptime monitoring use-case while the latter focuses on metric monitoring.

Hope this helps a bit. Please let me know if there are any follow-up questions.

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