Engineer 2 - Issues with course progression since UI update

A couple of days ago I noticed there was an update to course material page (nice btw) for the on demand course material for Elasticsearch Engineer 2. Since the update however I am having an issue that the course progression does not seem to be updating properly. Whenever I finish a lesson this does not get updated in progression on the course dashboard. I am currently on module 3 and the course progession is stuck on module 2.

Hi Remnerud,

It appears there was an issue with the first file of this course "Setting Up Your Lab." This issue should be updated now. Please refresh your browser. Unfortunately, it appears you will need to restart this course as the content you were working on was outdated. Also, you will need to access the lessons to the right of the course dashboard:

When accessing the lessons to the right of the dashboard, reviewing the material, and scrolling all the way to the end of each lesson should track your course progression properly. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

Thank you for the response @KKenny .
I now narrowed the issue down to the Lesson 3: Painless Scripting in Module 2. As you can see in the image below it has a different layout in material review than the rest.

Actively clicking the next lesson from Dashboard (Lesson1: Securing Elasticsearch SCORM - Module 3) bring up the usual material review layout again and the course progession works from there. However it is still not possible to complete Lesson 3 on module 2.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention. We have just updated Module 2, lesson 3: Painless Scripting. We also reviewed the remainder of the course and all other files look good. You should be all set now. However, to receive course completion, you may need to go back to the previous lesson that was not working, scroll to the end of the lesson, and click exit to trigger lesson completion (checkmark).

And thank you for the quick fix. Seems to be working fine now.

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