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Hi @fbaligand , at first I would like to thank for creating the awesome and very useful Kibana Enhanced Table plugin, it really helped me .
my first question is it possible to set a row alert , i mean adding a computed column with font icon or background color .
is it possible also to change the color of a cell if that cell value is lower than a given number .
please can you guide me on how to do it if it's possible , thank you in advance
thank you again for the awesome plugin :100:

Hi @haythem,

So first, happy to see that you enjoy enhanced table plugin :wink:

And yes, you can do what you wish with enhanced table plugin!

So you can display an icon alert on a row, you can do it with a computed column:

  • this formula:
    (col0 > 0) ? "check-circle" : "exclamation-triangle"
  • check "Apply template"
  • this template:
    <i class="fa fa-{{value}}"></i>

To have a color as a background:

  • first, you add a computed column (that you hide in "Hidden columns"), with this formula:
    (col0 > 0) ? "white" : "red"
  • then a second computed column with formula col0 and "apply template" checked and this template:
    <div style="background-color: {{col1}}">{{value}}</div>
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thank you @fbaligand so much it works now :smiley: ,
i want to add different colors to the icons , i managed to add a color to all the icons but i want each icon to have it's own color , is it possible ?

Yes you can do it!
You mix the 2 tips that I told you.
So a computed column for color, another for icon (both hidden), and a last with col value referenced, formatted, and a template.

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To be more precise:

  • first, you add a computed column (that you hide in "Hidden columns"), with this formula:
    (col0 > 0) ? "green" : "red"
  • then you add another computed column, with this formula:
    (col0 > 0) ? "check-circle" : "exclamation-triangle"
    and this template:
    <i style="color: {{col1}}" class="fa fa-{{value}}"></i>
  • and you can choose other icons here:
  • and you can customize icon rendering here:
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it works now :smiley: thank you so much @fbaligand and thank you for the awesome plugin :slight_smile:

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you're welcome :slight_smile:

happy to see that it fulfills your needs!

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