Enriched Graph with more Info (which are avaliable in other fields)

Hi all
I have a very simple stacked Graph. in Y-axis Have field "A" and on X-axis I have done a Terms aggregation with field B with unique count on Field "A". I have more fields say C, D, E(which are properties unique for Field A)
I have plotted a Stacked-Bar-Chart.
upon hovering on the graph I see that Field A and B. but i would like to see field C, D, E.

is this possible?


Hi there, could you share a screenshot of your visualization, including the editor sidebar, so I can better understand what you're trying to do? I'm not clear on what you mean by fields C, D, and E which are unique to field A. I also am not sure what you're seeing when you hover?



Here is an example that I made:

Server, Application, AppDetail_1, AppDetail_2
C1, ABC, Status_OK,Info1
C1, EFG, Status_OK,Info2
C1, IKJ, Status_NOK,Info3
C2, NMO, Status_OK,Info4
C2, PQR, Status_OK,Info5
C2, STU, Status_OK,Info6

and I would like to see something like this below:


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