Ensuring isolation of customer data

Hi, I'm new to Elastic Cloud. I've been experimenting with ELK stack as part of my product, and I have a question from customer who is asking me to ensure that their data will not be on the same servers as anybody else.

From what I can gather, the instances where elastic search and kibana are "my" own instances. But can somebody confirm this for me? is there a link to some documentation I can use to provide more info for my customers in case they want to check for themselves to ensure the instances their data is on is not shared by other customers.


Clusters on Elastic Cloud are very well isolated from each other, but "not be on the same servers as anybody else" is much stronger, and more expensive, than required to achieve that. The underlying platforms (GCP/AWS/Azure/...) default to a shared-tenancy model, with good isolation between tenants of course, and charge exorbitant fees for truly dedicated hardware.

If you have the budget available for dedicated hardware then I'm sure the sales folks would love to speak with you about your needs :grin:

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Thank you very much for your response, it clarified my assumptions.

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