Enterprise Search Cluster - CPU hardware profile change issue

Hi there :wave:

I was trying to change the CPU hardware profile of my cluster and I could not do it, I got the following error displayed:

Is not possible to migrate deployment to desired template due to: [TemplateMigrationError(Current deployment plan or target template is missing a [integrations_server] plan.)]

Any help would be much appreciated :pray:

Hi @Gerardo_Zenobi Thanks for using Elastic Cloud.

I would open a support ticket, you should be able to migrate the deployment HW.

Thanks @stephenb

I did and here is what I got as answer (leaving here in case it might be useful for other people)

Hello Gerardo,

Thank you for contacting Elastic Support. My name is Alex and I will help you with your inquiry today.

If you do not need to use the integration server, then yes - You should be able to disable it.

We require them to be active during the change, as there is still information being saved about their state in your deployment. And if you change your deployment type without the integration server being active and following this change, it can cause issues later on - especially during version updates or any other big cluster change. I hope this answers your quesiton and I wish you and your team a wonderful time with your deployment.

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Yup, that would have been my thought too... glad you got it fixed!

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