Revert or cancel hardware profile change?

When applying a hardware profile change to a cluster in elastic cloud is it possible to cancel or revert the process?

Hi @GregoryJC

Can you be more specific?
From what to what?

In general You can change from any currently supported HW profiles to any other currently supported profile.

Example storage optimized to CPU optimized... Decided you don't like it go back.... Assuming you have enough disk space either way

Yes you can also cancel in the middle... But then why start it in the first place?

If you are coming from a legacy HW profiles to a new profile you will not be able to go back to that old profile you would need to choose a new / supported profile.

The profiles have evolved and the new profiles are better than old profiles pretty much without exception.

Also you can file support ticket with specific questions on your deployment.

Hope that helps.

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