Hardware profiles for Hot/Warm tiers

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We are in the process of moving our on-premise logging cluster to AWS on EC2 and would like to use a hot/warm architecture. The aim is to place the data on the hardware that is most suited to, allowing multiple use cases to be supported on the most pertinent hardware available. Another benefit is the reduce the overall hardware costs whilst still providing a service that meets our users expectations.

I have taken a look at the Elastic Cloud configuration tool as a starting point for hardware profiles and basing on a Dense Storage option. We have users that need their dashboards to load in a timely manner and also users that use Discover to search the logs.

Whereas the hot tier is based in i3 processors and SSD, the warm tier uses D3 with HDDs.

I wonder whether there are any users who have self managed clusters using hot/warm and indeed cold tiers and it would be interesting to hear what hardware profiles that they use.

I appreciate that things are different from use case to use case, but one can learn so much from the experiences of others.

I would look at our profiles for Elastic Cloud... we consider them best practice and are a great place to start with if you are building your own clusters.

Thank you.

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