Enterprise search Custom Connectors - Systemd Service Fails


I have build a custom connector to crawl the data from Wordpress Application to the elasticsearch.

The connectors works fine and I can able to see the data into the Elasticsearch Indices using Connector as ingestion method.

The problem is I cannot able to make the Custom Connector as a systemd Service in Linux Environment.

I have give same permissions, Checked the Paths of the working file and Exec Start in the System service File.

Getting Status of the service as status=203/EXEC.

Could anyone Share us the way to Make the Connector i.e make run command to execute as systemd Service.

My System service file is below

Description=Enterprise Search

Group= root
User= root
WorkingDirectory= file/path/connectors/connectors-main
ExecStart= /file/path/connectors-main/bin/elastic-ingest


Is there any dependency I need to provide?
Is there any other way we can set this connector as system service?

Hi Vignesh,

Thank you for your question! Could you please provide the versions of connectors, Elasticsearch etc. you're using? This would help to reproduce this behavior on our side. Also on which distribution are you running on?