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I have an on-premise deployment of Enterprise Search 8.6.2. based on the docker compose example Install Elasticsearch with Docker | Elasticsearch Guide [8.6] | Elastic

I am trying out the native connector to MySQL and I am using the documentations Native connectors | Elastic Enterprise Search documentation [8.6] | Elastic and here Elastic MySQL connector reference | Elastic Enterprise Search documentation [8.6] | Elastic

But the sync is not working. Status is 'configured' - the initial sync seems not to work. I tried with different users (also the MySQL root) and on different VMs (also all together on the same VM).

I am a bit confused about the documentation . Is the MySQL native connector out of the box installed together with Enterprise Search if I use on-premise with docker compose (see above)? Or do I have to setup the connector manually as an additional component?

Best regards Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

For on-premises installations you will need to run a connector separately, and configure it to start in native method with mysql as one of the native service types so that it automatically picks up your native configuration. You can find the connector here and instructions on how to run it in native mode here (scroll down to "Run the connector in native mode).

Hi @Sander_Philipse ,

ok, I've got the connector running. It's really easy if you're using the Docker Container. You can see how, if you're looking into the Makefile. Would be helpful for others to document this great option at connectors-python/CONFIG.md at main · elastic/connectors-python · GitHub



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