Mongodb-connector not syncing data

I'd like to try out the enterprise search functionality on my mocal machine using the enterprise search mongodb connector. I've managed to get everything running locally using docker compose, but when i start to sync collections from mongodb, there are no documents in the index afterwards.

I can see in the connector-python logs that the connector is actually loading documents from mongodb, but for some reason they are not being inserted into the elastic index.

I have not setup any custome filters or anything, basically everything is left at defaults.

The image i'm using for the connector is

Does anyone know how to debug this?

Hi @pulsy - can you share any relevant logs and/or stack traces?

Also, are you also the author of The connector fails to sync data from mongo with the following exception · Issue #1605 · elastic/connectors-python · GitHub? If so, let's keep discussing in the github issue, so we aren't duplicating effort.

yes, that's me on github. however the issue is a different one. i've tried the connector with a different collection that does not contain dbrefs and it's not syncing anything at all.

However, we're probably going with our own connector in java tbh, but i'll give that dbref fix you posted over on github a try and let you know if it fixes the deserialization issue.

Ok thanks! If this post was asking about a separate issue, feel free to either share the relevant logs/errors here, or file a separate github issue for that.

I take no exception to you choosing to use another connector, but as long as you're willing to file issues on ours, we're happy to look into them. :slight_smile:

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