Enterprise search unable to start

Hello, I'm trying to follow the documentation to start up an enterprise search app found here: Download Elastic Enterprise Search | Elastic

Note: I am using debian 10 and installed deb packages through the elastic repo (all latest)

I've got Kibana and Elasticsearch running fine but when I try to start the Enterprise Search I am getting the error:

[2022-06-01T17:02:35.878+00:00][587][4004][app-server][INFO]: Elastic Enterprise Search version=8.2.2, JRuby version=, Ruby version=2.6.8, Rails version=5.2.7

Invalid config file (/usr/share/enterprise-search/config/enterprise-search.yml):
The setting '#/elasticsearch/ssl/certificate_authority' is not valid: error reading file '/etc/elasticsearch/certs/http_ca.crt'


When I go to Kibana and click on Enterprise Search I am presented with this error:

I've followed the setup guide precisely and still running into issues. What am I missing?

I think I got it working. A couple of things I had to do in case anyone else runs into this same thing:

cp /etc/elasticsearch/certs/http_ca.crt /usr/share/enterprise-search/
chown enterprise-search:enterprise-search /usr/share/enterprise-search/http_ca.crt

Update /usr/share/enterprise-search/config/enterprise-search.yml to have

elasticsearch.ssl.certificate_authority: /usr/share/enterprise-search/http_ca.crt


chown -R enterprise-search:enterprise-search /var/log/enterprise-search/

And finally systemctl restart enterprise-search.service

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