Unable to start Enterprise search service

Getting this log while starting service.

[2023-02-10T10:48:58.588+00:00][29933][4004][app-server][WARN]: [pre-flight] Failed to connect to Elasticsearch backend. Make sure it is running and healthy.
[2023-02-10T10:48:58.589+00:00][29933][4004][app-server][INFO]: [pre-flight] Error: /home/ec2-user/enterprise-search-8.6.1/lib/war/shared_togo/lib/shared_togo/elasticsearch_checks.class:179: Connect to [/] failed: Connection refused (Faraday::ConnectionFailed)

Have added below config in enterprise-search.yml as per Download Elastic Enterprise Search | Elastic

secret_management.encryption_keys: ["sdfsdf/B?sdfdsf(G+KbPeShVmY"]
allow_es_settings_modification: true
elasticsearch.username: elastic
elasticsearch.password: dffdsfdsf
elasticsearch.ssl.enabled: true
elasticsearch.ssl.certificate_authority: /home/ec2-user/enterprise-search-8.6.1/config/ca.pem
elasticsearch.ssl.verify: true

Please help me identify the issue. No idea what is that I am missing. The ES cluster has HTTP and TLS security. Kibana has HTTP security. All have same CA.

Looks like you're using AWS EC2 as your hosting provider. Have you set up the security groups to allow traffic from the host with Enterprise Search to the host with Elasticsearch? Is your Elasticsearch server up and running?

The first troubleshooting step I'd take is to attempt to connect to Elasticsearch from the host where you'd installed Enterprise Search using a tool like CURL.

curl -v -k -u elastic:dffdsfdsf

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