[Errno 111] Connection refused): ConnectionError elasticsearch

I was following this tutorial:

It all works fine but the part where lambda pushes data from S3 to Elasticsearch fails.
This is the error and some warnings:

On top of this it used to also say Error loading data into Elasticsearch but that error is now gone after i turned off HTTPS only encryption setting on ES.

I don't think there is anthing wrong with lambda exe role:

It has access to read and write S3. And my ES had public access.

So what could cause this error?

curl -X GET ES:80 returns fine.

Alright after removing public access (which i have done because i made this post) and only allowing access to my account, im now getting this error:

I would still like to know why public access was throwing connection errors.

EDIT: I just had a bad understanding of what public access means.
Also new error above is fixed by downgrading to ES version 6.x

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