Error attempting to use absolute date time ranges for Date Histogram

Using Kibana 7.1.1

I am attempting to create a Date Histogram Visualization from log data from an older log file that was parsed using Logstash. I want the histogram X-Axis to only show an absolute time frame like 20190910T02:00:00 to 20190910T013:00:00. I don't want relative times since this is old data and no new data will be coming in.

I selected "Show Dates" in the time filter and selected the starting time to bring up the window that allows me to select "Absolute". I then use the calendar widget to select September 10 2019. This works fine. What doesn't work is when I attempt to update the time. If I click on one of the times on the right OR if I attempt to update the time in the text box, Kibana shows the following error:

"TypeError: 'block' member of ScrollIntoViewOptions 'nearest' is not a valid value for enumeration ScrollLogicalPosition. (/built_assets/dlls/vendors.bundle.dll.js:171"

Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? I can consistently reproduce the error.

Hmm, yes, that would probably indicate an error. Have you tried updating Kibana to see if it is fixed in a later version? If it still exists, please do file a bug report:

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