Kibana issue with relative and absolute range combination

Elasticsearch Platinum: 7.16.1


We recently found out that when we use relative as start date and absolute as end date it doesn't work as intended.

For example when I select relative start date "14 days ago" and absolute end date "Dec 4, 2021..." it will show only 4 days of data not 14 days from Dec 4th.

It seems like it ignores the absolute option and uses only "from now".

Is it how it is supposed to work?


Yes, the ~14 days ago means 14 days ago from now, so it's not related to the absolute date you've configured. it should work like suggested in this issue, right?


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Hi @matw,

Exactly! There are many situations in our cluster that we need to set a specific period of time from a starting point. This would facilitate the procedure of calculating a large number of days when using an absolute in both start and end dates.


Yay! I raised the GitHub issue around allowing relative dates to absolute start/stop values and wasn't sure if it was just me that this was a problem for...!

Glad to hear I'm not the only one @Angelos, even though at the moment there's not any solution...!


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