Weird Date Histogram two weeks error

I have a weird thing where when i pick date histogram and i want to write 2w it doenst allow my, also i cant pick 14d. 13d and 15d - no problem, but 14d not working. when I wriet 20160m which is two weeks again I cant pick it.

Is it a common problem?

Thank you.

Can you be a little more explicit here, what you mean by not working?
Are you seeing an error, what is it? What version are you running? What browser? Is there anything in your browsers dev console that might be relevant

I'm running version 7.6.1, on chrome.
The problem occures on other computers also.
When i pick 1w there are no problems. When I pick 2w there is an error essage "Invalid interval formet".
So after that I tried to put 14d and now the message is "14d has already been added" but it didn't.
And when i Pick 13d or 15d there is not problem...

Can you please share the entire error.

Please also check your Kibana logs for anything around that time and post it.

The errors I wrote were full - here are the examples:

I don't have acess to the Kibana logs... but I'm not sure it has a connection beacuse it happens all the time.

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