Error calling webhook [DEPTH_ZERO_SELF_SIGNED_CERT]


I´m working with webhook action where I´m trying to send a request to Jira but I get this error "error calling webhook [DEPTH_ZERO_SELF_SIGNED_CERT]", I change "xpack.actions.ssl.verificationMode : none" in the kibana.yml file and then works but is not a secure option. How could I add an exception only for Jira or how add the self signed cert to kibana.

Note: The Jira´s host has a self signed cert.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Angel,

You can use the xpack.actions.customHostSettings configuration to add a self signed cert which will be applied specifically to your Jira host.

I hope that addresses your need.

Hi Gidi,

I used the option that you mentioned and works to add the site as an exception


But when I add the certificate path the error is generated again. I´m exporting the ".cert" file from a keystore ".jks" with keytool.


Thanks a lot

Hi again,

I could fixed, the file that I need it was ".pem" file and same I exported with keytool from the keystore and after I add the path in the "kibana.yml" and I now I can use the webhook.


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