Error: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'includes')

When I am trying to access security from kibana dashboard I'm getting this error.


Error: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'includes')
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    at Lt (```


Hello, I'm having the same problem when accessing https://.../app/security/get_started . I'm using v8.2.0. Any idea anyone?

Error: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'includes')
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    at Object.useMemo (
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    at o (
    at O (
    at ma (
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    at Is (
    at ju (


I am having the exact same problem! Is there a way to fix it please?

@Khalifa_Khalifi @vmassol @Amitesh_Gupta

Apologies for the very late response here. It took time for this error to make it to the right team.

After tracing the errors, we think this has to do with user roles. Can you provide details on the the roles and user configuration you have set up for the user you are logged in as when you try to access the page?

Go to "Stack Management > Users > your_user"


What roles do you have here?

In addition, if it's a custom role, what does the role look like? Go to "Stack Management > Roles > your_role"


Scroll a bit further down to see Kibana privileges:

My goal is to reproduce the problem by creating a similar user/role, so any details here will help. You can just post screenshots like I did above. If you don't want to post anything publicly, you can send the info to me directly.

Thanks for the reply. Indeed, after setting the right permissions the message disappeared. It just wasn't obvious that the error was caused by a security configuration. That could be something to improve :slight_smile:


I dont have these options:

@Khalifa_Khalifi do you have system admin in your instance with admin privileges? Whoever created your users and granted you access to your system should have access to these views.

You can also reference this documentation to ensure you have the proper permissions and roles set up which should work around the problem: Elastic Security system requirements | Elastic Security Solution [8.2] | Elastic

Hello Vincent! Did you manage to solve the problem?

@Kevin_Logan I installed ELK using the following instructions:

@Khalifa_Khalifi I saw from your screenshot earlier that you are running 8.2.3, however the instructions you used said it's specific to 7.7.1. I believe what has happened is that the installation you have doesn't have security properly configured.

I know this is confusing and there is certainly a bug on our side that we will address, but you should be able to work around the problem by configuring security. Note that "security" in this context doesn't refer to the Elastic Security product, rather general security settings such as TLS, users, and permissions.

First, take a look at this documentation: Start the Elastic Stack with security enabled | Elasticsearch Guide [8.2] | Elastic

You should have an elastic user created for you. The elastic user should have access to anything in the product, including managing Users and Roles that I referenced earlier. If you do not know the password for this user, you can update it following these steps and then try to log in as elastic/{password} . Setting passwords for native and built-in users | Elasticsearch Guide [8.2] | Elastic

If the above doesn't work, try following these steps to manually configure security which is specific to 8.2.x - Manually configure security | Elasticsearch Guide [8.2] | Elastic

It is not working, I don't understand what it is wrong. It was working properly before. Happened when upgrading to the last version.

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