Error Discover

After indexing and choosing the time filter in "index Patterns", I go to "Discover" and present the following error.

No results match your search criteria

Expand your time range

One or more of the indices you’re looking at contains a date field. Your query may not match anything in the current time range, or there may not be any data at all in the currently selected time range. You can try changing the time range to one which contains data.

Simply put, there seems to be no data indexed for the last 30 days in superloja* indices.

Let's check what's indexed there. Go to the console (on the left side, the icon that has a little wrench) and type in the following in the left pane:

GET /superloja*/_search

After typing that, hit the green play button on the right (following the same line) and paste here the results you got in the right pane (make sure you redact sensible information before pasting here)

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Thank you! I found the solution, the error was in the column that I put in the date parameter, it contained dates from 2 years ago, I got the filter that was with the period from 30 days to 3 years ago and solved it.

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