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I'm following the Elastic Stack Logging course and ran into an issue in lab 3. I configured TOPbeat as instructed and downloaded the Dashboard. Logging into Kibana I received the following error:
No matching indices found: [index_not_found_exception] no such index, with { resource.type="index_or_alias" &"filebeat-" & index_uuid="na" & index="filebeat-" }

Going to the Index Patterns the screen doesn't show anything and just shows a white screen.

Looking at the response after loading the dashboards I noticed the following:
{"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"index_already_exists_exception","reason":"index [.kibana/VDqOpy5oQoWwkk7fgTnW3w] already exists","index_uuid":"VDqOpy5oQoWwkk7fgTnW3w","index":".kibana"}],"type":"index_already_exists_exception","reason":"index [.kibana/VDqOpy5oQoWwkk7fgTnW3w] already exists","index_uuid":"VDqOpy5oQoWwkk7fgTnW3w","index":".kibana"},"status":400}{"acknowledged":true}Loading search Cache-transactions

Does anybody have any idea what could be the cause (or causes) of these issues?

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Moving to the training forum.

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Try deleting the Kibana index first, then retry loading the dashboards:

DELETE .kibana

That should fix your .kibana index_already_exists_exception

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