Error fetching fields for index pattern filebeat-* (ID: filebeat-*)

Hello everyone,
i'm new to elasticsearch and its tools, i face some troubles loading my apache server logs to kibana using filebeat then visualize them with the dashboard offered in kibana.
i have done the setup for filebeat based on elastic guides, everything went great. i started elasticsearch kibana and filebeat with the command setup. the index pattern for filebeat was created but when i go to apache dashboards nothing appears even within the right time range and it tells me "no results found", with an error "Error fetching fields for index pattern filebeat-* (ID: filebeat-*)".

can anyone help me with this please??

Are you using the security solution that ships with the standard Kibana distribution?
If yes, the user you are accessing the dashboard with might not have access rights for the filebeat index. Review the roles associated with the user and make sure it includes read rights to filebeat-*.

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