ERROR Heap Memory


I have the following error:

[circuit_breaking_exception] [parent] Data too large, data for [<http_request>] would be [995677744/949.5mb], which is larger than the limit of [986061209/940.3mb], real usage: [995677744/949.5mb], new bytes reserved: [0/0b], usages [request=0/0b, fielddata=968/968b, in_flight_requests=0/0b, accounting=182367304/173.9mb], with { bytes_wanted=995677744 & bytes_limit=986061209 & durability="PERMANENT" }

How can increase the heap memory in my system?

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How much heap have you assigned to Elasticsearch, how much does the host have?


The server has 32Gb, and I have only 1Gb assigned, by default.

I changed the parameters Xms4g and Xmx4g in the file /etc/elasticsearch/jvm.options but when I restart I get an error 500, and the only option that I don't get the error 500 is changing the previous parameters to 1Gb

What do you mean? Can you post the config file and the logs?

Fixed: I have changed the parameters Xms4g and Xmx4g in the file /etc/elasticsearch/jvm.options , in addition to the file /etc/logstash/jvm.options and when restarting it works.

Thank you

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