Status red error in kibana


The highlighted area shows my heap-size as 1.4gb in the kibana heap ss (screenshot below).

How do i increase or decrease it ?

and it is different jvm.options in elasticsearch.yml
which i confiugured as 2gb and that can be monitored in seperate section of stack montinoring.

Please help me solve it.

kibana heap ss :

elastic heap ss : which is 1.9 (~2gb so its verified)

Hi @Vamsi_Vutukuri,

You can try setting the v8 option --max_old_space_size. See

Hi @chrisronline ,

Thanks for the reply !

But changing the heap for kibana does it really help improving its performance.

and can we avoid these request timeout errors and status red errors by increasing the heap.

these request timeout errors and status red errors by increasing the heap.

Can you share these error messages?

sure ,
This is the issue we are facing when I'm searching a string / Creating visualization for last 30 days in kibana for mutiple times.

we already changed the request timeout from 30000ms to 90000ms now we are able get results for a week of data but not for the whole month.

so we are thinking to change the heap size so that it may help us avoiding these kind of errors.

and also can you please help me understand what are heap values related to? is it kibana heap or elastic search heap ?

Are you seeing errors in the Elasticsearch log? I'd assume the issue isn't with Kibana, but on the Elasticsearch side

Hi Vamsi,
The same answers that I gave you on Facebook will pretty much apply here: increase the heap size for the Elasticsearch cluster, maybe add more nodes on different machines to the same cluster, better hardware, etc.

Thank you ! @Marius_Dragomir and @chrisronline

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