Error in creating Index patterns for Join Field

I am following this tutorial Parent ID query | Elasticsearch Guide [7.15] | Elastic

After creating an index and inserting documents, the search is working fine both in my local and dev server. But when I am creating an index pattern and going to search in kibana (analytics-> discovery), in local it's working fine, but in dev server, it's giving error - unsupported_operation_exception: Cannot fetch values for internal field [parent].

The only difference I can figure out is in index patterns, that the parent field is showing a type of parent in my local, but in dev, it's showing as unknown type.


Dev server-

Can anyone explain to me, what am I doing wrong?

@dadoonet any thoughts ?

No idea.

May be check both mappings and compare them.
If they are identical and you are using the same exact version of the stack, I'd move the question to #elastic-stack:kibana .

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looks like we need to move this under #elastic-stack:kibana , no response till now. :frowning:

I moved the question.

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