Error in dashboard - kibana 5.4.0

Last year I had the version 5.4.0 of Kibana and Version 5.2.2 of Elastic working properly, this year at the beginning of the month the license expired and when renewing the dashboard they no longer bring the data and the graphics from the date on which expired, but if you consult ranges of previous dates if you show the graphs.

What type of data are you expecting to see? When your license expires plugins like Monitoring will stop collecting cluster and indices metrics. Is this the type of data you are expecting? See for more info about what is disabled when your license expires.

Currently kibana is still collecting the data, but it no longer shows it in the dashboards, since the license is renewed it shows no results found, attached image!

Hmm, can you show me the request/response from the spy panel on on of the bar charts that is showing some data?

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