Error in Pipeline used within Cisco Umbrella Integration

I have found an issue with the Cisco Umbrella integration.

I observed that all the events being processed into ELK had a timestamp of when the document was ingested into ELK and not the time/date of the event from Umbrella.

Some looking found the issue with the Pipeline this integration uses.

You will note that the CSV parserver read the event date/time into a field of "cisco.umbrella._tmp.time" and then towards the end of the pipeline it does a date conversion to parse the date from the "cisco.umbrella._tmp.time" to the "@timestamp" field if the "cisco.umbrella._tmp.time" exists.

However, earlier in the pipeline there is a script function that does the following:

" = new HashMap();"

You can see this at line 241 here:

As the script overwrites _tmp to be a HashMap the time is then dropped.

I have manually addressed this by modifying the pipeline to put the time into a different field initially e.g. "cisco.umbrella.time" and then use that field in the date conversion.

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