Error in Re-Index Documentation

(Marc) #1

The script example here is apparently incorrect. ES does not accept the triple quotes.

As far as I can see it should be single quotes with the script all on one line.

"script": {
    "source": "ctx._source.type = ctx._type;ctx._id = ctx._type + '-' + ctx._id;ctx._type = 'doc';"

(Colin Goodheart-Smithe) #2

The documentation is generally written in the syntax accepted by Kibana Console (formally known as Sense). Kibana Console accepts scripts surrounded by triple double-quotes so you can write scripts that span multiple lines so they are easier to read. Console flattens these scripts to a single line and replaces the triple double-quotes with single double-quotes when it sends the request to Elasticsearch. If you are sending requests from outside of Console then you are right that you need to use single double-quotes and the script needs to be on one line.

(system) #3

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