Error kibana at Installation of X-pack

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I have a problem following the installation of x-pack, I sometimes have to start the Kibana service. I encounter the following error and I can not solve the problem
"FATAL {[Error:. is required in kibana.yml]
cause: [Error: is required in kibana.yml.] "
can you help me? tell me what line and what add file

thank you in advance

(uday kiran) #2

Hi Lucas,

I hope this may help you.
you need to add line called "shield.encryptionKey: "something_secret"". go through the above link.


(lucas) #3

Hi Uday,

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

I added this line in the kibana.yml but his was not working and I always had the error

I'm always looking for a solution or a way to disable the security feature so that I focus on other plugin. For now, I can no longer use the service as Kibana do not want to it

(Mahadevan Krishnan) #4 "something_secret" You should use this in your Kibana.yml. Hope you are following this link for Kibana section

(uday kiran) #5

oh, you are using x-pack. then the solution provided by Krishnan will sort out your issue.

If you dont want to use shield security, - Set to false to disable X-Pack Security.

in kibana.yml.

for ES you can do the same in elaticsearch.yml.

(lucas) #6

I followed the procedure of elastic site to disable the X-Pack Security but I still have the same error in the log Kibana

(Lukas Olson) #7

If you'd like to disable security inside Kibana as well, add the following line to your kibana.yml: false

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