Error: Kibana only support modifying the ".kibana" index


I have setup a One Click ELK-server in digitalocean. It seems to be running fine but when trying to create a new elasticsearch index using curl:

$ curl -XPUT http://xx.xx.xx:80/elasticsearch/newindex

I get the following error:

Kibana only support modifying the ".kibana" index. Requests that might
modify other indicies are not sent to elasticsearch.

​My kibana config file contains:

kibana_index: ".kibana"
index.mapper.dynamic: true (I tried adding this row without solving the

My ElasticSearch.yml is the default one as far as I know (everything is commented).

The index.mapper.dynamic: true is actually for elasticsearch and should go into the elasticsearch.yml file. And the http://xx.xx.xx:80/elasticsearch/ endpoint is specifically for Kibana, I don't recommend using it for generic traffic. For that I suggest communicating with elasticsearch directly at http://xx.xx.xx:9200/