Error kibana security

hi plz some one can help me
when i configure kibana ssl and i want to setup index i have this issue:

HTTP GET request: Get https://@ip_kibana:5601/api/status: x509: cannot validate certificate for @ ip kibana because it doesn't contain any IP SANs. Response

@adwaitjoshi u have same issue plz how resolved it?


It is generally much more probable to get someone to try and assist you when you take the time to

  • Share the exact details of your configuration, with snippets from kibana.yml and elasticsearch.yml where applicable
  • Share the exact behavior you observe. How are you making a request exactly and what happens ? Why do you think this is an error and what did you expect to be happening instead ?
  • Share the exact error messages you get from Kibana or Elasticsearch by sharing the logs or the UI message exactly , and not an approximation of the message or your interpretation of it.

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