Error: Loading chunk 12 failed

I confirm the elistic and kibana are installled correctly in Oracle Linux 7.9. But when I visit the kibana page, the error show:

Version: 7.16.3
Build: 46336
Error: Loading chunk 12 failed.
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Hi, are there any messages shown in the Kibana server logs?

Have you installed any 3rd party plugins?

No any 3rd party plugins is installed. Which logs record the page error log ?

Hi, you'll want to focus on the logs generated by the Kibana server, not the "page".

When Kibana starts up, it may be logging warnings or errors that could give clues for problems happening later.

Also, can you confirm how Kibana was installed? Was it built from source? Downloaded from Installed via rpm/yum?

"/usr/share/Elasticsearch/bin/Elasticsearch-plugin install mobz/Elasticsearch-head" This command run fail. Should the plugin be installed in Elasticsearch Server?
I visit ES server and show:

I'm not sure if this is the why Kibana is erroring, but it looks like you are using a 3rd party plugin:

The command you shared is labeled as not supported:

I think you are right. I set up the ELK succesfully on another VM.

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